From: "Aliki" 
Date: Fri, April 19, 2013 5:06 am

Hi Mantis Man,

I stumbled across your website while trying find out some information on these
little creatures.

I almost stepped on one on my way across my courtyard at work. This poor little guy
was lying on it's back in a puddle in the rain and could not free itself. I promptly
picked it up and brought it into my office.
This little bedgraggled creature has been warming itself on my computer screen for
the last hour. So cute.

I was wondering when and if to let him go and what they eat.

Amazing to find such a lot of information on them. I have found one previously
resting on my tap in my kitchen.

I have taught my children to not kill insects but rather to release them outside.

Thanks again!


Aliki M

Subject: Praying Mantis hatchlings !
From: "Nancy F
Date: Sat, April 27, 2013 5:27 pm
To: "" <>;

Thank you so much for your wealth of information on your website ! :)I have attached
5 photos I captured this past Tuesday around noontime at my office. I had seen these
cocoons since late last fall/early winter, here in Tucson, AZ but had no idea what
they were until I found your website :) On Tuesday, while walking past my office ,
headed to our office building next door, I paused to ponder these mysterious
cocoons, as I have done countless times, wondering what in the world could they be
housing. Lo and behold, about 13 miniature Praying Mantises were climbing all over
the stems and leaves, near the cocoon...I ran back into my office and grabbed my
camera to capture this amazing sight. Doing a bit of research on the internet led me
immediately to your informative website and has allowed me to share this information
with friends and co-workers. Nature is truly amazing......... Please feel free to
share this story and these photos on your website for others to enjoy. With warm
regards, Nancy Freeman
Tucson, Arizona proud supporter of 
...because every cat matters