As I mentioned before, a praying mantis can strike twice at a housefly before it begins to move to escape.  I once saw a video of a mantis attacking a small mouse and the impact was so ferocious and blinding that the camera frames presented only a blur.  Such speed is unattainable for humans.  However, legend has it that Bruce Lee had moves so fast that film producers asked for him to slow it down so the camera can pick them up. 

I will have more to say on this particular subject.  But since we will focus more on the mantis as an insect, it shall be brief.

Would mantis kung fu be effective in the world of modern mixed martial arts?  Would Bruce Lee be defeated in a UFC competition?  The debate will go on.

I must say that Mantis Kung Fu focuses on pressure points.  Like the moves of the mantis, the technique and purpose of this martial art is to kill as quickly and as efficiently as possible, whereas in today‚Äôs mixed martial arts these striking areas would be prohibited, as knock out or submission is the primary focus.

So, in my opinion, these kung fu artists, especially the types in the following video, are legit and employ techniques that are effective and lethal in a real combat situation.  While I respect the sport of mixed martial arts and the multi-skilled fighters, I believe true mantis kung fu will be inhibited if confined to MMA's rules and regulations.

Real mantis kung fu is freedom of expression, like the insect, and has no boundaries.

Watch the influence of the praying mantis in this video:



As you can see, the striking areas are lethal and the movements are ultra-quick yet graceful.  So of course, these can only be legally applied in real self-defense.

By Noy Ilao