Subject:   praying mantis
From:   "Pam" 
Date:   Sun, September 1, 2013 6:12 am
I am in Mn and saw a praying mantis hanging on a window at out local Hy-Vee store. 
I found it very interesting and watched it for many hours just hanging there.  He
moved a bit but when I left it was still there.  Going back today to work and hope
to see it there yet but kind of doubt it.  So your site helped me with information
on them.  Very interesting.  Thanks
Subject:   huge population of mantids
From:   stuckerjd
Date:   Mon, September 2, 2013 6:33 am
Hi -
Back in late summer 2005 a praying mantis hitchhiked home with me from the office
park where I worked.  I removed her from the headliner of my car and set her on a
vine outside my back door.  Over the years since, we have been entertained by mantis
in our patio pots, on our back door, and staking out the orb weavers that adorn the
outside of our house.  We have even had to remove a particularly persistent one from
our hummingbird feeder several summers ago.  Yesterday we counted over 50 mantids
just in the shrubs, grasses, vines, etc. that make up our backyard "jungle".  We
know, of course, that we didn't see them all because their camo is so good!  
Where we live there is flat farm ground for miles in each direction.  The oasis we
have here is all these little critters have without venturing into corn and/or
soybean fields, which are heavily treated with pesticides. We use nothing of that
nature.  (We raised all kinds of cane with the farmer this summer because the duster
even flew over our house!)  Now I have people who want "starts" of my "herd" and I
am wondering if they will eventually become overcrowded and would it be in their
best interests to "share" with others who have environments where they might thrive
as well.  If so, I'm not sure at which stage they should be transported.  It is
apparent to me that I transported a pregnant female in the headliner of my car but
from all I have read, timing would be everything in that situation.  Several years
back our kids cut a blue spruce that was too close to the road and used it as a
Christmas tree.  They ended up with nymphs all over their house in January!  So,
maybe the eggcases would be the best thing to transplant.  
Any suggestions?
D. M. Stucker, CPA
Markle, Indiana
Subject:   Fw: Question?
From:   "Susan H
Date:   Wed, September 4, 2013 12:04 pm
To:   "" <>
I am quite fascinated by these little guys. This one was in the grass and I lifted
him to my hydrangea bush. Hydrageas don't seem to flower much anymore if you
noticed. I was wondering...he/she seemed to stay around the same area and even look
like he is sleeping. Is he dying? I watered leaves around him because it has been so
hot around here. Thought maybe he was needing some water. Not a bug person, but I do
find the Mantis pretty cool. 
Sturtevant, WI. 
Subject:   i found a praying mantis!
From:   "Mariah S
Date:   Wed, September 11, 2013 9:05 pm
 Dear Nonoy Saludo Ilao
today i was weeding outside in a flower bed when all of the sudden I found
a praying mantis! She is brown and about 3 inches long. We put her in a
mesh bug house with a stick and some leaves. Then we started putting bugs
in! So far she has eaten about 7 flies and one grasshopper. It was so cool
to  see her pounce! I decided to look for information online because I
don't know much about praying mantis's and I would be sorry if I accidently
hurt her. I was glad when i saw your site talking about having a mantis as
a pet.
anyway, then I was reading more and you talked about Jesus. I love Him too.
have a good day.
-Mariah Rose Schwartz
From:   "tattoodoll 
Date:   Tue, September 17, 2013 2:51 am
hi just a quick question guys, my son found this insect in our backyard, we
would like to what kind of praying mantic this is? I've never seen any
praying mantic this big.. ever! it is hard too see just how big it is but
it's roughly 30 cm long and as round as a 20 cent coin, thanks.

Subject:   Amazing Mantis
From:   "Grant, C
Date:   Sat, September 21, 2013 4:49 pm
To:   "''" <>
  My Daughter and her children are dealing with some very scary family issues. A few
days after the first very bad issue a very large mantis appeared on her ceiling in
her living room. It appeared to being praying and we where very welcoming of him.
The next day there where three more.  Very close to each corner of her living
room. Their presence made her feel a little comfort. Two more days went by and
things got a little more crazy in her home with her husband and she and her kids
came to live with me. She arrived in the morning around 10. That evening her
husband sent her a nasty message stating that he wasn't staying in the house he
was afraid because all 4 mantis were dead.  It was very strange & we were upset
that they had died. Crazy whoever, about an hour after his call a much larger
brown Mantis perched on my front door. He has been there since. He is very
friendly and curious. I think her husbands bad juju killed the others. This one is
getting fat from all of the bugs at my porch light but he always comes right back
to the door like he is watching over them.   I truly believe that God gives us
little signs that let us know thing are going to be ok & he is watching us. This
Mantis now called "Gorge" is her sign.
Cheryl (Grant) Waltman
Correctional officer
Subject:   Praying mantis going crazy?
From:   "Bonnie P
Date:   Mon, September 23, 2013 9:55 am
To:   "" <>
My husband brought home a wild Chinese Mantis a few wks ago. Princess Fiona (named
by my husband) has been doing well until this morning. She has a steady diet of
crickets, wax worms, meal worms, and has even eaten our wild tree frog and a couple
of salamanders that the kids had caught before the mantis came home. We live outside
of Boston if this matters at all. Anyhow, starting at 730ish this morning she
started attacking twigs, leaves, dirt, the air and her reflection in the tank, she
was unable to stay standing up and kept falling over or off of the branches in her
tank, she got herself so riled up that she somehow pulled off a back leg. I removed
almost all of the debris from her tank to help her not get caught up in the stuff.
She is having a really hard time staying stable and keeps falling over, she has
stopped oozing from the wound about 30 mins ago, will she survive? It's really sad
to see her like this :(
Subject:   It's getting cold...what to do??
From:   "handsomemancat@
Date:   Mon, September 23, 2013 5:07 pm
Hi, Today I brought home a mantis that was clinging to the back of a guy's car.  I
followed the car for a couple of miles, hoping to get the mantis and bring it home
as I was so worried about it falling off the car and perishing...  It's getting cool
already here in CT, the nights are down to 40-45F, and I don't know how to ensure
its survival.  I put it in a small flower garden on the property.  There is lots of
vegetation here, mostly trees: pines, and maples, apple trees, and lots of vines too
including grape.  I can take it inside, although I do have several cats in the
house.  But I will do whatever is best for it, now or later if you think I should
wait until lit gets colder.   
Reesa L.
Subject:   BBC filming praying mantis
From:   "Sam H
Date:   Mon, September 30, 2013 1:14 pm
To:   "" <>
Hello there, I wonder if you might be able to help me.
I am a television producer working on a documentary about animal senses for BBC
America. I am interested in filming some mantids for a story about hearing - and the
unusual single ear of the praying mantis that enables them to evade bats.
I wondered whether you might be able to offer any advice on good locations for
filming these amazing creatures in the wild?
If you can spare the time it would be great to talk over the phone.
Kind regards,
Sam H
BBC Natural HIstory Unit