Did you ever wonder whether or not the praying mantis is an alien from outer-space? When you look at a praying mantis, do you ever wonder, “wow, is this E.T.’s cousin?”

We all long for that special friend, whether it be a pet or person. That is what made the movie E.T. such a classic, it told a story of a friendship. Ok, what am I getting at? Well if you want an E.T.-like friend, go get yourself a praying mantis!

The mantid makes a great pet. They will look at you and listen to you and even crawl on your hand. Trust me, there is no other insect like it. It actually seems to bond with the owner. Tarantulas and scorpions are okay, but they don't gaze at you with large eyes the way a praying mantis can. You won’t see that in any other insect.

Have you ever noticed their similarities?:

The mantid and E.T. both have long arms. They both have large eyes (see picture) situated in the same angle near the top of the head. The shapes of their heads are in a pear-like form with a long neck (well E.T. can shorten his neck, the praying mantis cannot)

Remember E.T.'s glowing red heart lighting up his torso? Well in some species of praying mantises, the under belly exterior is thin enough so that you can actually see the food coming down while they are eating!

They are both deep thinkers! They both have feelings! (well, that is my personal unproven theory of the mantis’ disposition anyway)

They both like to eat. Remember the scene where E.T. raided the fridge and got drunk?

So, go and find a praying mantis my friend. Look in the woods or garden. Or just buy them online! But just to let you know the praying mantis does not eat Reeses' Pieces. Be good to it and it will be good to you. Kids love them! Just make sure to feed it daily, and trust me it will eat!

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By Noy Ilao