Subject:   Large female upstate New York
From:   "James c
Date:   Fri, October 4, 2013 8:30 am
Just had a large female lay her egg sac, which is pretty big(10/3-10/4, not
sure exactly), will she stay to guard the sac or move on. After laying the
sac do you know how long she will live? She was brown on top green
Subject:   found a mantis
From:   "Jeannie J
Date:   Mon, October 7, 2013 8:37 am
To:   "" <>
Hi I just found your site. I love preying mantis and enjoy watching them. Today I
found one but never saw one like this. I think its preganat. It's abdomen is large
and its wings are spread. Very sluggish. I was wondering if I can make a nest for it
to lay eggs in. Or does it have to make its own. Last year 2 mantis made their nests
in our window. When they hatched all the babies left and none stayed around. Would
love for them to stay. Hope you can help with my question. Please let me know as
soon as possible.       Jeannie
Subject:   our mantis eggs in Baltimore MD
From:   "Painted Screen Society" 
Date:   Wed, October 9, 2013 12:41 pm
I purchased an egg sack last year (from Gardener Supply, bugs sent from New
Hampshire) and several of the bugs survived – we have noticed 3 females (2 large and
one smaller) and several males (smaller and not greenish) recently, thinking they
are more active and obvious because of mating. My city yard is very small, but I
have both flowers and produce plants. We have spotted 3 egg sacks, 2 of them right
next to each other in an area that the largest female hangs out (on the mums). Of
course, we want the eggs to make it through the winter, should we move them to a
more densely planted area, take them inside to store or what?
Also, how long can we expect our bugs to stay alive? How territorial are the females
as we saw the larger females close to each other for a day or so...
We are so excited there are other mantis nuts out there and hope for more info- your
site has been very helpful and interesting!
Monica B
Subject:   Praying Mantis behavior
From:   "Mikren718"
Date:   Thu, October 10, 2013 8:50 am
To:   "" <>
Over the past several years I've had an increased population of Praying Mantis. I
live in the Northeast.  I've noticed this year, unlike any other year, the females
are laying their egg sacs on the OUTER branches of  the shrubbery.  I'm a bit
puzzled as to the change.  In the past they are always located inside of the
shrubbery so that they are somewhat protected from the elements & predators. If you
have any thoughts about this or can direct to someone that is familiar with their
behavior, I would be very appreciative.
Thank you for your time.
 Subject:   Praying Mantis Question
From:   "Theresa S
Date:   Thu, October 10, 2013 3:15 pm
To:   "" <>
I have had the pleasure of observing two praying mantis' last month. First just one
as she enjoyed eating wasps and yellow jackets (to my delight), then two as they
mated. Now I see they have left behind a sac of eggs on the flowers they stayed on
(see attached picture of the praying mantis'). My question is this: we live in NJ
and are moving to TN in December. I would hate to leave these eggs behind in case
the new owners, not knowing what they are, dispose of them. Would it be safe to take
these eggs to TN with me so they hatch there in the Spring, or better for the eggs
to stay in the same place they were laid? And if it would be safe to move them, what
would be the best way to store them until then?
Thank you so much for taking the time to read & reply to this! Terry 

                                         Subject:   Thank you
From:   "Gwynn P
Date:   Thu, October 10, 2013 4:04 pm
Thank you for your wonderful site -- your keen eyes, your flexible  
minds, your multi-faceted respect for the Mantis, and therefore, all  
of Nature.
As one of your elders, I will keep checking in.
Truly, from
an amateur entomologist, author of "Conversations With Bugs"
Subject:   Re: thank you for your comment or inquiry!
From:   "Gwynn P
Date:   Thu, October 10, 2013 4:56 pm
To: "MantisMan" <>
Dear Man with Respect for the Mantis,
I made no inquiry. Rather, a thank you for your site.
I'm pleased to know that your volume of response is so immense you  
have no time to distinguish between a blessing and a request.
I'm not so ancient as a Mantis, but I am your elder,
and you might consider asking me for my wisdom concerning Mantis,  
which would include references to souls who have gone before you and me.
It might expand your consciousness even further.
I hope you thrive as well as the Mantis.  But Mantis is a solitary  
creature, most of the time, and we are Humans and in need of  
collaboration in order to continue our kind upon this Earth --- or not.
My life-span on Earth is closer to closure than yours. Or perhaps not.
I was attracted to your site because I felt you had an open heart to the
connection between the Mantis and Humans.  Our need to celebrate life  
either as a pack, a flock, a colony, or as a solitaire.
However, if your site is so big that it is incapable of registering  
the real from the unreal, then, I must ask, and this IS an inquiry:   
What is the purpose of your site?
Gwynn P
Subject:   Mantis Visitor-
Date:   Sat, October 19, 2013 11:18 am
For the past two weeks, a fully grown (green) mantis has been residing in a 
 potted plant of mums on our front stoop- It has left sometime today-  
Great  pleasure to watch it capture flies and bees, making short work of them- 
Another  mantis, sort of brown or tan and green, and smaller, stayed on the 
plant for  about four days and left unannounced- I had picked this one up 
from in front of  my garage, on the black top and placed it on the mum plant-
Thought you would be interested in this bit of nature-
I live in a private, over 55 area, in North Haven,  Ct.