From: "eric w
Date: Tue, October 2, 2012 7:20 am

I had never seen a praying mantis in real life but had seen many videos of them,so
imagine my surprise when I noticed a large insect on the wall of my house and on
looking closer recognised it as a praying mantis,this was a real surprise as I live
in lower Austria and although we have very hot summers here,30c is not uncommon we
also have some really cold winters,-25c is also not uncommon and I always thought
that these insects were more likely to be found in warmer areas,we are close to the
Slovenian border and the mediteranian is about 100km from here so maybe she was a
tourist.I have enclosed four photos for your interest.It was after I found the
Mantis that I looked on the internet for more information and came accros your
interesting and infomative site,thank you for that it was most interesting.
yours sincerely,
Eric W

Subject: California Mantis
From: "Shelly W
Date: Tue, October 2, 2012 7:41 pm

I found a large beige praying mantis in the yard about a month ago. A week after
we had found her, she laid an egg sack and again another just yesterday. I know
there's a good chance that the first one is fertilized, any chance that the
second one could be too? My family finds her fascinating as does my daughters
entire fourth grade class! The mantis is doing well still as it's still warm
here in October. She has a voracious appetite and I do worry about over feeding
her. I usaully give her 2 large well fed crickets every other day. Last week I
gave her a fly, small caterpillar and 2 crickets. I think it was too much
because she hung out at the bottom of her encosure that day. ; ) I'll hang the
eggs outside along with the lid that they are attached to. Do you know how high
I can hang them off the ground?
Any information would be great!

Subject: Mantis!
From: "Karen W
Date: Wed, October 3, 2012 8:08 am

A quick question! We found a female mantis about two weeks ago. We have been buying
crickets and she has a voracious appetite! She laid an egg sack last week, and we
are about to let her go now! We would like to keep the eggs, and see if we can watch
them hatch! Will she lay any more eggs without breeding again, or should we let her
go now? We are in Virginia, and it is beginning to cool down! Fascinating creature!
Almost cat like in grooming! Any special care for the eggs? Thanks for any info!
Karen and kids

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Subject: photos of mantis
From: "betty m
Date: Wed, October 3, 2012 10:43 am

Thanks for your site and all the wonderful info. I found it today because
I found a damsel in distress and was trying to figure out how to help her.
I've never seen one crawling around with all wings extended and as she was
clumsily doing it I finally moved her from the sidewalk to a bush in the
garden. Photos attached.

I'm fortunate to have and to nurture many mantises in my gardens. Earlier
in the summer there was a pair mating for 3 days that I know of and I don't
know the finale of that episode but I did see them in 3 different locations

in those 3 days. Photo attached

Subject:       My Mantis...Dotty!
From:       "Jackie S
Date:       Wed, October 3, 2012 10:35 pm

Hi there,

I fully enjoyed reading your website tonight!  I am originally from Long
Island and would treasure seeing and handling the rare mantis that I would
encounter as a child!  I too wanted a mantis pet, but my mother wouldn't
have it!  So now as a mother myself, I got a mantis for my kids..yeah,
right- it's for me!! It's sitting on my shoulder as I type.

I am now in Los Angeles and have seen a few here but I didn't want one that
flew around because I have a little dog that might enjoy that toooo much.
So, I ordered an Asian one online for $18 and it's great!  I just watched it
devour a cricket and now it is climbing up my hair onto my face.oooh.. what
a cool eye to look into!!!

Anyway, here's my question: I see that the mantis has whiteish liquid that
it can squirt out of its that just waste? 

Do you think it likes to be misted with water? do I know how much to feed it?



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Subject:       Concerns regarding a California mantis in my care
From:       "Kimahri T. Y
Date:       Fri, October 5, 2012 5:20 pm

Hello!  My name is Kim and I am in the care of three California mantises we caught
in the area, one male and two females.  The male and the older female were caught
when they were still nymphs, and I raised them to adulthood - they are both about
8-9 weeks old (since their final molt). The younger female I am speculating to be
about 4 weeks old past final molt (she seemed freshly molted when we caught her).

The younger female mated with the male at 2 weeks of age and produced her first egg
case after about one week.  She's very healthy and in good shape.

The older female is the one I am having troubles with.  She mated with the male at
the age of 4 weeks, and it's been over 4 weeks since she mated, and she still hasn't
laid any eggs. She's gotten VERY bloated, much more so than the younger female even
before that one laid eggs. She's extremely heavy and has trouble moving around due
to her weight.  She's been displaying behaviors that indicate that she intends to
lay eggs (she keeps climbing down onto a branch, facing downward, and she exercises
the end of her tail), but she seems to be unable to get the eggs to come out.

I am wondering if she either has an infection or that her passage is obstructed by
something. I read that the male mantis inserts a spermatophore into the female's
body during mating and it's supposed to leave the female's body after a few days. Is
it possible that it didn't leave this female's body and got stuck somehow? She was
already pretty bloated when she mated, and was therefore unable to clean the end of
her tail (the male was able to bend his abdoman forward for cleaning after mating,
but the female's abdomen was too bloated and her mandibles couldn't reach)

Thank you in advance for addressing my concerns. I can provide you with photos of
the mantises if it will help.

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guide our hearts."                                              

Subject:       prayingmantis
From:       "Theresa B
Date:       Mon, October 8, 2012 6:30 am

have discovered that my praying mantis has deposited a cocoon on a basil plant in a
container in my front yard.  mother mantis is still active and present - can i move
this container or do i have to wait till spring when they hatch - please help me

Subject:       will a pet store accept my praymantis I found
From:       bdegrandchamp
Date:       Mon, October 8, 2012 7:20 am

I found a praying mantis yesterday outside in the cold and want to save it...but I
need to find a home. Will a pet store take a free praying mantis? I posted it on
Craigslist but no takers. Its 40 degrees outside in Michigan...i live in Livonia,
Mi. If I put it outside it will die. I am too emotional to keep it and plus I can't
keep feeding it crickets....I'm old and mostly a shut in. Any advice?

Subject:       Adult female
From:       "Shannon L
Date:       Wed, October 17, 2012 4:19 pm

Hi- I have most of my questions answered after reading your site. One
thing not covered is what kind of life span can be expected after a
female lays her eggs. A female mantis crawled through a torn screen on
a window coming partially into the house. I opened the window and
coaxed her into a carrier. My 2.5 yr old son loves to watch her. I
have offered her 'potato bugs' which she did not eat, a slug that I
think she ate because it is gone, and today she ate a fly. I gave her
a lady bug from outside too but don't know yet if she ate it. I am
planning to get her crickets tomorrow.
Overnight last night she laid her eggs, found the white frothy ball
inside the pet carrier this morning. I am in Grand Rapids, MI, and per
your recommendations intend to put the carrier with the eggs outside
tomorrow during the day to allow it to cool gradually as night falls,
rather than putting it directly outside into the cold tonight. The
eggs will then be protected and location known for spring and I can
keep a couple. I will move mom into a different container until she
passes. I am just curious if there is any idea how much longer she may
She is brown in color, and quite large- about 10cm long. I am going to
assume the eggs are fertilized because we have found a couple of males
around the yard also this year.

Subject:       mantis question
From:       "Dale J
Date:       Mon, October 22, 2012 5:47 pm

I caught a mantis and made him a pet. He has suddenly stopped eating. His belly is
very big. I don't know if adults molt or if he is sick. Also, I know this is morbid,
but how do you dispose of them when they pass? If you have any answers I'd greatly
appreciate it. I've become attached to him.

Subject:       need help with mantis nest
From:       "Emily P
Date:       Mon, October 22, 2012 7:18 pm


I am hoping you can help me. This praying mantis (pictured below) had been hanging
around our home for quite some time, & finally decided to make her nest right beside
our front door. The picture was taken about a week ago & she has since left. Because
it is so close to the door, we can't really use the door as I would hate  to harm it
in any way. I know from reading about the nests that they are pretty stable & can
hold up well. I almost have to move the nest if I can but I am afraid that I will
harm it. How can I safely move the nest (from where it is in the picture shown) &
where can I move it to? Any help would be appreciated.