Subject:       Contacting you... well trying to anyway...
From:       Kim S
Date:       Wed, October 26, 2011 10:16 pm

Mantis Man and whoever "us" is,

I just found the website after finding and housing two PM's for the first time in my life. I have them in separate "houses" (small cages for
small insects) which I know I have to do and I want to take care of them. Ask me sometime about the story of taking a picture of one and
then showing it to her. She literally jumped/flew at the picture as if to say "No way! I don't know who you are but you ARE NOT welcome in MY
territory"!! Well...I guess I just told you the story...

Anyway, I have been spending a LOT of time trying to find the answers to the basic questions. What to feed them, how often to feed them, how much
water do they need, and how to "deliver" these necessities to them. From other sites I found the answer to some of the questions, but I was
looking for a "one stop shop".

After finding, I still have questions and some valuable comments from what I've learned, but do you realize that when
you click on the "Contact Us" button it says... and I quote...

"If you want to send comments to the "Mantis Man" please email us at
   (your email will never be published or displayed)"

What's missing from that statement?

It was only because I clicked on some other buttons that I found this email address and even then because the HTML on the page is written
incorrectly, you can't click on it or copy it into your email [To: field] web-based or otherwise. I'm the "otherwise" as I use Thunderbird
for consolidation of multiple email accounts so I had to memorize it and type it in manually. Whew....

Before I go any further, is an old website that is no longer monitored or can questions and comments still be posted? If
the latter, how? I would like to be a regular Q&A contributor.

A white guy named Kim in Citrus Heights, CA (stones throw from Sacramento)

P.S. KS6P is my amateur radio call sign if you know what ham radio is (?)
and I'm a retired air traffic controller.

Subject:       random comment
From:       "Michael M
Date:       Wed, October 5, 2011 9:24 am

Stumbled onto your site and thought I would share an experience I had with a mantis.

When I was growing up in Ohio, we had a decent-sized grey cat named Fumo. One day a mantis got into the house and Fumo found him. Like most cats
would, he attacked. To my surprise, the mantis actually fought him rather than simply trying to flee. My brother and I witnessed the mantis go on the
offensive several times, leaping onto the cat's back and attempting to slice at its neck and head over the course of a battle which lasted *sixteen hours
* and finally ended in a feline victory. For some reason, the cat seemed unable to zero in on the mantis until it moved and, as you know, they can
stay as still as a statue when they choose. This resulted in many temporary stalemates in which the cat sat motionless, scanning the area for the mantis
while the mantis stood like a stone statue, apparently invisible to the cat.  The fight continued through the night and Fumo got the better of him
sometime around 6am. Simply *awesome* creatures.

Subject:       praying mantis in house
From:       Joanne S
Date:       Thu, September 22, 2011 7:45 am

First your web site is fascinating. The insect really is spectacular except for the fact that I am terrified of them and one in is in my house.
I tried to coax it out this morning but it fly away and i needed to leave for work.  Any suggestions to how to coax it out?  I left a light on in the

house thinking that it would stay near it to keep warm.  I live in NJ and would appreciate any information you can give me


posted 6/2011
I'm so excited to find your site because I have questions about the praying
mantis. My husband and I are fans of the insect, as many people are, because
they are so beautiful. However, we've become more interested over the last
couple of years because there seems to be a nest (?) in our backyard. Now, I
could be jumping to conclusions about that BUT it is not uncommon to find
one or two hanging out near our porch. We bought our house in 2008 and see
mantids a couple of times a year.

So, I am wondering if you've ever seen a nest or home in the wild? I haven't
thought much of it before because I didn't realize how rare it was, but
yesterday my husband encountered MANY mantids on our fence and that led me
to look online. He saw so many that he assumed they were spiders, then
looked closer and realized they were baby mantids! We believe their home (or
birthing place) must be in a small enclosed area that we do not mow because
there are several flowering "grassy" plants there.

So I am wondering if you've done any research into mantids' homes in the
wild or their natural habitat? If nothing else, maybe you'll find this
encounter as fascinating as we do!


P.S. we live in Indiana & I have attached a photo we took of one a couple of
years ago.

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