I have posted videos of battles that have taken place naturally. Please use your discretion as some of these may not be suitable for all audiences. I do not and will not post any videos of staged and purposely caged fights between mantises and other predators. 

I believe they are rather cruel, just like dog fights. Now, the debate would be that insects do not feel pain. It is scientifically proven that they do not have the nerve impulses or pain receptors the way mammals have.

The issue here is more of an ethical one. Praying mantises, through the years have become almost domesticated like dogs and cats. They are our friends and pets. They are used by farmers to control pests in the fields.

Spiders are also generally considered as beneficial. They do not invade human food and shelter the way roaches and flies do. They don't go around sucking blood like mosquitoes do. Their solitary lives generally consist of catching prey, much like the mantid.

Just a side note: Why was Mothra the toughest insect in those old Godzilla movies? I mean, you're talking about a moth here. I do recall there was a giant spider and mantis in one of the episodes. But a giant moth? Out of all those other giant creatures, Godzilla had the hardest time with a freakin' giant moth? Anyway, back to the subject.

This video is not in English and is one of the most strange encounters between a spider and two mantids that I have ever seen!


This was a scary moment  and had me on the edge of my seat.  It was almost like a tag team match of gladiator mantids!
By Noy Ilao