Subject:   Our classroom Mantis
From:   "Sheila F
Date:   Sun, November 3, 2013 1:41 pm
Good afternoon.  My classroom acquired a mantis this fall as many know my
love for bugs around here.  We have been observing her and beings we took
her out of the wild we are taking very good care of her in a happy
terrarium with live plants and bugs:) She is doing very well and has given
us 3 egg sacks. :) OH MY!  We believe she mated, (We had 2) not anymore,
poor soul.  Is it possible that all egg sacks will hatch?  It is happening
about every 3 to 4 weeks.
Thank you for any help
Sheila Rae F
Anamosa Middle School
Before and After School Program
Subject:   are you stil in business
From:   "Andrew R
Date:   Tue, November 5, 2013 6:26 pm
To:   "" <>
I see your web page is still up but are you still taking comments ?
My praying mantis fell out of her tree and onto the floor, the abdomen split open
the bug is still alive but moving very slowly, it happened yesterday.
how long do you thing the bug will live after an injury like this ? I am very sad
and upset, I live alone and these bugs are my only friends.
I have two mantids that are both dying, the other one has been very slow for a month
barely eats,
Subject:   Baby Mantises food
From:   Unknown sender
Date:   Tue, November 19, 2013 3:35 pm
Hi!  I found a mantis egg ootheca in my garden when I was cleaning it off for the
fall and had no idea what it was so I brought it into my house to take photos and
see what happened.  Now the little "buggers" have hatched and I know what it is,
what can I do to feed them?  They are so tiny and it freezes every night here so if
I put them outside they'll die for sure.  Any advice for me?  I live in Nebraska.
Subject:   Hi
From:   "Christie 
Date:   Wed, November 20, 2013 8:24 am
To:   "" <>
Good Morning:
There has been a praying mantis on the outside of my screen for a week or so now. I
was thinking of bringing it inside over the winter to help it live longer. I don't
want to upset it and take it out of its environment if I shouldn't be. Help! I'm
torn in what to do. It is the largest praying mantis I have ever seen, about 3-4
inches. Your advice would be greatly appreciated!
Subject:   Caught wild praying mantis--won't eat
From:   "Ann M
Date:   Wed, November 20, 2013 8:16 pm
There was a bad storm/tornado around Chicago and I saved a female praying
mantiss with wings.  I have had her since Saturday...She has not eaten.  I
went to pet store last night and got small crickets and mealworms.  I mist
cage...she's kept warm.  I even held the cricket and meal worm in front of
her.  She's not eating.  I read on another blog that some guy had to spear
a cricket and feed her that way a couple of times until she got used to her
cage.  (I put her in a terrarium with lots of vents since I know they don't
have lungs and need circulating air.
There are 5 crickets and 3-4 meal worms.  There is 2 inch soil substrate.
 There is cabbage and small slices of apples for crickets and a small cap
full of wet cat food.
She's not eating, but her eyes are green (not black).  What should I do,
please help.
Thank you!
Subject:   Mantis vs Hornet (more footage)
From:   "ANdrew D
Date:   Thu, November 21, 2013 6:02 pm
as it turned out mantises prey on hornets quite often... of course, I'm not talking
about the small native Japanese species. it appears that the Chinese mantis can take
on the hornets with no problem. it's important to realize that the Chinese mantis
(Tenodera sinensis) Should not to be confused with (Tenodera angustipennis) which is
extremely similar but smaller and almost always fall prey to the hornet. 
this is a Chinese mantis actively hunting down Japanese hornets (you can tell by the
distinct orange color):
predation in the wild:
no trouble at all:
also the shield mantis (not sure which kind, Malaysian(?) maybe) are also hornet
the shield mantis seems to have stronger grip